RSI is presenting or co-authoring seven papers at the 2023 Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference.

RSI staff are presenting 5 papers as shown below with the scheduled times:

  • 2-8-23 at 2:00 pm – Thought Bias: The Hidden Pipeline Integrity Threat, Michael Rosenfeld
  • 2-9-23 at 8:00 am – Variability and Mitigative Measures for Estimating Yield Strength in Line Pipe by Instrumented Indention Testing, Peter Martin
  • 2-9-23 at 2:00 pm – A Simplified Implementation to Estimate the Upper Shelf Energy and Transition Temperature from Limited Charpy V-Notch Data Sets, Joel Anderson
  • 2-9-23 at 2:30 pm – Accounting for Residual Stress in the Predicted Failure Pressure Calculation, Michael Rosenfeld
  • 2-9-23 at 3:30 pm – Optimizing Risk Decisions with Imperfect Data, Joel Anderson